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Meet the DermChoice Team : Tori, Health and wellness expert

She's going deeper to care for you.

Last week, you met Gia. This week, meet Tori, who's taking a deeper, holistic approach as a nutritionist and soon-to-be chiropractor when advising and educating DermChoice customers on the best skin treatments. 

Tori's support for DermChoice began when she first-hand experienced the results. Growing up, she struggled with combination skin, which she described as "having acne while simultaneously having dry/peeling skin." She continued by saying, "I never felt like I could figure out which products I was supposed to use since I didn't fit solely into 'oily skin' or 'dry skin." Dermatologist's Choice turned things around for Tori. "DermChoice is effective and controls acne breakouts and adds moisture to my peeling skin." Having experienced what it feels like to struggle with problem skin, her mission is to defend women and men from the effects that skincare troubles have on self-esteem and overall wellness. In essence, Tori believes that every individual deserves to feel confident and proud in their own skin.

We dove deeper with Tori for a Q and A for those who are newer to the DermChoice family.

Q. Tori, what's your favorite part of working at DermChoice? 

A. My favorite part about working at DermChoice is hearing the many testimonials and seeing the transformation in our customers' skin after using our products. Being in the beauty industry, which is full of empty promises and destructive messages, I am proud to say that we work every day to back up our high standard of delivering products that produce real, medical, life-changing results.

Q. Growing up with DermChoice, what is the biggest lesson you've learned?

A. Having watched my father, a top-rated, successful clinician, has empowered me to pursue health care to touch the lives of all the patients that will visit Dr. B and the soon-to-be Dr. T. I once heard it said that, “when you create a difference in someone’s life, you not only impact their life, you impact everyone influenced by them throughout their entire lifetime.” Ultimately, I have witnessed that “no act is ever too small”, whether that be the Pre-Bath Oil that empowers a young woman struggling with eczema to wear shorts for the first time because she is no longer nervous of showing her skin, or an Ultra Anti-Aging Cream that gives a woman transitioning through menopause confidence to stay joyful in her own skin as a new chapter of life begins. Each patient visit and each product creates a ripple effect. Together we are creating legacies. 

Q. When you're not advocating for the best health and wellness of customers, reviewing product ingredients, or performing chiropractic adjustments, what DermChoice product are you using?

A. Well that's an easy one now as I've developed a well-balanced routine over many years. My skin care routine includes washing my face at night with the pH Balanced Cleanser. Then, depending on how my skin is acting, I will use the Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads or the Facial Enhancement Cream at night. If my skin is breaking out or needs a fresh start, I use the Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads. If my skin is looking dry or peeling, I will use the Facial Enhancement Cream. On days when my skin is dryer, I will use a very small (less than a dime size amount) of Pre-Bath Oil on my face in the morning to nourish and protect. If my skin is breaking out, I will use a small amount of the Facial Enhancement Cream in the morning (after using the Glycolic Peel Cleaning Pads at night). Finally, I love using the Pre-Bath Oil on my body as directed for soft, healthy skin. I highly recommend this skin care routine for anyone who experience acne prone/dry skin like me.

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