Dr. B. and Dermatologist's Choice featured in WELL + GOOD, "I've been a Dermatologist for nearly 50 years, here's why I *always* recommend glycolic acid over retinol."

Well + Good Dermatologist's Choice

Ultra Anti-Aging Cream Well + Good

W Magazine, "Target your specific skin concerns with these 5 active ingredients."

W Magazine Glycolic acid Dermatologist's Choice

W Magazine Glycolic acid DermChoice Facial Enhancement Cream


Dermatologist's Choice pH Balanced Cleanser with glycolic featured in ipsy June 2021 "You Do You" Glam Bag. 

Bloom Moms event Scottsdale, Phoenix, Flagstaff

Bloom: An event for expecting mothers. Dr. B presents "Your pregnancy skincare routine" Featuring two-step daily skincare routine.

Glossybox logo - Rachael Divers Makeup Artistry

Dermatologist's Choice pH Balanced Cleanser featured in March 2021 "Simple Pleasures" GlossyBox Brand Spotlight: Dermatologist's Choice

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Dermatologist's Choice Ultra Anti-Aging Cream Featured in Birchbox Grooming October 2020

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Pre-Bath Oil Featured in Forbes, "Happy Hands, Part 4: Best Oils, Balms, and Salves in the House and on the Road"

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 Ultra Anti-Aging Cream featured in Byrdie, "Serious Questions: Is there a Tanning Oil that isn't Bad for your Skin?"

pH Balanced Cleanser featured in Byrdie, "Hydroquinone: Is It Safe To Use On Skin?"

Dermatologist's Choice and Dr. Bottiglione featured in Byrdie, "How to use Amino Acids for Plumper, Smoother Skin"

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Dermatologist's Choice Founder and Dermatologist Dr. B. featured in Good Housekeeping, "10 Best Callus Removers for your Softest, Smoothest Feet Ever"

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Dr. Bottiglione shares how the Pre-Bath Oil is used in the Coveteur, "It's Official: We're Swapping our Body Lotion for Body Conditioner"

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Pre-Bath Oil and Dr. Bottiglione featured in Healthline, "All About Chamois Cream (aka Chafing Cream)"


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Dr. Bottiglione shares how to find the best toner for your skin, like the Purifying Facial Toner by Dermatologist's Choice in Prevention, "Best Toners for your Skin According to Dermatologist"

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Dermatologist's Choice Glycolic Peel Pads featured in Parade, "Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts"

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Dr. Bottiglione explains Dermatologist's Choice Purifying Facial Toner featured in MSN Lifestyle, "Dermatologist's Say These Toners Will Banish Oil without Stripping your Skin"

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Ultra Anti-Aging Cream featured in The Daily Dot, "Glycolic Acid: A Guide to One of Skincare's Most Powerful Ingredients"

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Dermatologist's Choice Founder and Dermatologist Dr. B. featured in Yahoo! Entertainment, "These Work Against Pesky Callus"

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Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads featured on GOOD DAY PA ABC27, "Grace Gold: Beauty to the Rescue! and CBS5 logo

Dermatologist's Choice, Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads and Facial Enhancement Cream featured on AZ Family 3TV and CBS5, "Arizona Dermatologist Explains How to Prevent Acne Caused By Wearing A Mask."


Dermatologist's Choice skincare featured in MINDBODY ENSO, "Summer Skincare Routine for Outdoor Activities and Workouts" and "Skincare After your Workout" and "3 Steps to Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine"

Beauty Independent Pre-Bath Oil Dermatologist's Choice


Dermatologist's Choice Featured in Beauty Independent
Dermatologist's Choice Featured in Skindeep
Dermatologist's Choice Featured in Rage Against The Minivan
Dermatologist's Choice Featured in Scottsdale Moms Blog


Bottle and Blush blogger photo with Dermatologist's Choice Products