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Active Non-neutralized Glycolic Acid is our Flagship Ingredient.

Glycolic acid: Used in a dermatology chemical peel treatment. It's known for the improvement of the skin's texture, tone, and overall complexion. Glycolic is the smallest AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) molecule, which benefits the skin's overall health and appearance by naturally penetrating to the deepest layers of the skin. Glycolic acid activates the skin's natural regeneration and exfoliation process by breaking down the connective "glue" on the skin, shedding the damaged layers, and building back the skin healthier, firmer, and more even toned.

The active non-neutralized difference: When applying real non-neutralized glycolic acid, the skin will experience the Trustworthy Tingle. This "sting" sensation is the indication the glycolic acid is non-neutralized and working as it should by entering the pores. Dermatologist's Choice Skincare's non-neutralized glycolic acid provides the full strength of a medical-grade treatment. We don't add any buffers that compromise the effectiveness and results expected from glycolic acid.

The Trustworthy Tingle: The Trustworthy Tingle is what we call the "sting" sensation when real non-neutralized glycolic enters the pores. When you feel the Trustworthy Tingle you know the glycolic acid is working and going deep into the skin. If you don't feel the Trustworthy Tingle it means the acid is neutralized or weak. For results make sure you feel the Trustworthy Tingle. Dermatologist's Choice Skincare is non-neutralized glycolic. This means you're going to feel the Trustworthy Tingle.


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