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Dr. Bottiglione headshot
Dr. Richard Bottiglione, Dermatologist's Choice Founder

Glowing for 50 Years

Richard G. Bottiglione M.D. is a Board-Certified Dermatologist with 50 years experience. He retains a specialization in MOHS Skin Cancer Surgery, general dermatology and skincare. He has received the Best Dermatologist Award. He started multiple successful practices in the Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona area. However in the beginning, Dr. Bottiglione was raised in the small coal-mining town of McIntyre, PA which prompted his determination to help people with their skin concerns. He graduated from University of Notre Dame and finished his Medical Degree from Georgetown Medical School in 1974. 

“I noticed my patients’ skin improved, they saw immediate results, and most importantly, they asked me for more—that’s when I knew I had a winning formula. We took this approach, co-creating our products with our patients, since the beginning of Dermatologist's Choice. It has truly been a collaborative approach. We value their input immensely,” -Dr. Bottiglione

An End to the Skincare Struggle

In 1981, Dr. B's journey to create Dermatologist's Choice was born out of necessity. Faced with patients struggling with multiple skin concerns such as aging, dry skin, and acne and further frustrated with over the counter skincare that didn't deliver, he saw a gap in access to effective treatments. At the time remedies were either not effective or weak. Dr. B sought a solution that his patients could readily obtain with the power to get the results they need.

The First Treatment

In those early days, the landscape of dermatology was evolving, with new prescriptions like RetinA promising relief for aging and acne.

Fuelled by the ambition to offer an over-the-counter alternative to tretinoin and the same results as provided by in office chemical peels with glycolic acid and now TCA, Dr. B delved into the depths of glycolic's capabilities. It was clinically proven, glycolic, even at lower concentrations wielded remarkable effectiveness when used consistently.

Now and in the 1980s clinical studies cement glycolic as a formidable over the counter competitor to RetinA, its strength and efficacy standing tall.

The seed of inspiration for the Facial Enhancement Cream was thus planted. Dr. B, recognizing the need for a gentle yet potent vehicle for the active glycolic, set to work. This cream would not only deliver the acid's benefits but also mitigate any potential dryness or irritation.

Decades of Real Results

Thus, the full Dermatologist's Choice line of daily products and treatments emerged, bearing the hallmark ingredients of glycolic acid and TCA. With its roots firmly planted in Dr. B's clinical expertise and his patients approval, the rest of the product line blossomed—an extension of his in-office arsenal tailored to deliver medical-grade results.

Through potent concentrations of active ingredients and formulations without parabens, fragrance, and unnecessary ingredients, Dermatologist's Choice continues to uphold its promise: a testament to Dr. B's unwavering commitment to his patients' skin health.

Dr. Bottiglione and Dermatologist's Choice products are regularly featured in top publications and news such as ABC News, Healthline, Beauty Independent, Forbes, W Magazine, Prevention, MSN, Women's World, Byrdie, Well + Good, InStyle, First for Women and more.

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