Meet Doctor Bottiglione





 Dr. Bottiglione is an Arizona Board-Certified Dermatologist with 40 years experience. He retains a specialization in MOHS Skin Cancer Surgery and has received the Best Dermatologist Award in the Payson, AZ community. He runs 3 successful practices in the Arizona area. 

In the beginning, Dr. Bottiglione was raised in the small coal-mining town of McIntyre, PA which prompted his determination to help people with their skin concerns. He graduated in 1969 from the University of Notre Dame and earned his Medical Degree from Georgetown University in 1973. 

Dr. Bottiglione started Dermatologist's Choice in 1981 to deliver medical-grade products that solved his patients' frustration with products that didn't provide the results as promised. 

What inspired Dr. Bottiglione to formulate Dermatologist's Choice?⠀
He found out quickly that his patients were suffering between appointments. ⠀

Back in 1979, he would prescribe something at the drug store only for his patients to find that the products were either not available or not as effective as they needed. This continued over the next three years. During this time, Dr. Bottiglione was mixing ingredients in his office during after-hours and giving small trials of formula mixtures to patients to try out. ⠀

After some trial and error, patients quickly started to see results. And as any patient knows, getting results - and quickly - is the best way for a doctor to win approval. This of course led to patients asking for more. ⠀

“I noticed my patients’ skin improved, they saw immediate results, and most importantly, they asked me for more—that’s when I knew I had a winning formula. We took this approach, co-creating our products with our patients, since the beginning of Dermatologist's Choice. It has truly been collaborative approach. We value their input immensely,” noted Dr. Bottiglione.⠀

Each time Dr. Bottiglione encountered a new skincare need, he went back to the mixing board and worked with his patients to find the winning formula. That’s when Dermatologist’s Choice was born. “What’s most exciting to me is that we’re able to cut the time and process from patient chair to patient results by providing a product that actually works,” emphasized Dr. Bottiglione. Over 40 years, the line has expanded into 10+ fast-acting and clinically-potent products for the whole family.

Other Facts about Dr. B.: 

Earned his Physician’s license in 1975 while in Chicago, IL.

Completed his internship in Los Angeles, CA, at Good Samaritan Hospital, and his residency at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL.

He obtained his board certification from the American Board of Dermatology in 1978.

 Avid golf enthusiast

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