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Meet the DermChoice Team : Gia, CMO (Chief Masking Officer)

She's bringing DermChoice to the next generation.

Two weeks ago, we shared with you the man in charge, Dr. B. Check it out here. This week, meet the woman bringing DermChoice into the next generation with no shortage of passion and drive. We'd like to introduce you to our next team member, Marketing Director, Gia. 

Gia's passion for DermChoice started from a young age, watching Dr. B, also her father, care for his patients and develop DermChoice. "DermChoice has always been part of my life." she notes. "Watching and learning from Dr. B has given me the tools to help our DermChoice customers achieve their best skin. I love when I chat with our loyal customers, some of whom have used DermChoice for decades. We really do have the best community!"

After a decade of working in the fashion and beauty industry, Gia knew it was the right move to join the family business full-time. "Our 40-year history is precious, and I'm doing everything I can to lead DermChoice into the next 40 years. It's not just skincare to me, it's my dad's heart and soul - he has helped so many patients achieve great skin with DermChoice over the years, I have that same passion to help others."

To help those who are newer to the DermChoice family, we caught up with Gia for a quick Q and A.

Q. Gia, what's your favorite part of working at DermChoice? 

A. Well, I joke that every family dinner is like a board meeting. Working with my family is the best. We know DermChoice inside and out, we make a great team.

Q. Growing up with DermChoice, what is the biggest lesson you've learned?

A. Short answer, the value of hard work. Dr. B. and my mother created their "American Dream" by staying focused and never giving up. That passion and drive is ingrained in me too. Leading DermChoice into the next generation is not easy but I'm motivated everyday by our customers and Dr. B's mission. I have a heart full of passion. I'm working hard everyday to bring DermChoice to even more people. 

Q. When you're not making social media posts, coordinating new product launches or talking to customers, what DermChoice product are you using?

A. Well, I use the pH Balanced Cleanser and Facial Enhancement Cream every day, but the Deep Cleansing Mask is my go-to after a long week to treat myself to a relaxing clinical facial at-home. It feels so refreshing and really clears and brightens my skin with AHAs and BHAs. You should give it a try!

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