Question of the Week: Since moving to a new area, my skin has reacted differently. I get eczema on my body.....

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Since moving to a new area, my skin has reacted differently. I get eczema on my body but now I'm experiencing eczema on my face. I was using the Facial Enhancement Cream daily for fine lines, can I continue using it? What products do you suggest for dry, sensitive skin?

To soothe eczema on the body and face, use the Pre-Bath Oil before your bath or shower. Make sure to lather all over your dry skin, especially in more irritated areas. Allow the oil to absorb in your skin for a few moments, then enter the bath or shower. Dr. B notes that more severe eczema should be treated with a prescribed steroid cream.

When you're experiencing eczema on the face, it is possible to still use the Facial Enhancement Cream for fine lines. However, it may sting more because of the eczema, dryness, and sensitivity. If you do decide to use the Facial Enhancement cream, Dr. B recommends using the Facial Enhancement Cream first, and then applying the Pre-Bath Oil over the top to soothe your skin.  If the problem is severe Dr. B recommends a steroid prescription cream. 

In addition to the Pre-Bath Oil, other DermChoice solutions for dry, irritated, and eczema-prone skin include our rich Hand and Body Lotion. It is possible to use the Pre-Bath Oil as a daily moisturizer, plus add a drop to your cleanser if your skin is feeling more dry than usual. Also avoid drying products, irritating fabrics, or fragrances to help minimize dryness and sensitivity. 

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