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How to remove your make up without wrecking your skin.

There are some great make up that covers up every imperfection and Halloween make up that really does transform you into a different character, but getting the make up off is not as easy as putting it on. Taking off that caked-on, heavy-duty make up is easier with the help of Dermatologist's Choice Skincare pH Balanced Cleanser and Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads. 

First, understand what you're applying to your skin. Some make up that is heavy is also bad for your skin and will clog your pores. Avoid products with heavy metal, dyes, and silicone. Especially if you have acne-prone skin, avoid oil based make up. 

If you're not as lucky to find clean and light make up options, cleaning your face thoroughly is very important to avoid acne and clogged pores after wearing heavy make up or frankly any make up at all. 

The best way to remove make up without wrecking your skin is to use the pH Balanced Cleanser with a face towel. The pH Balanced Cleanser is gentle yet effective to remove all the gross dirt, debris, and of course make up. Applying a quarter size amount of pH Balanced Cleanser onto the towel, dampen with warm water, and lather. Wash your face in a circle motion. The towel helps to collect the heavy coat of make up rather than just using your hands. 

For a next level defense on tough make up and to avoid acne breakouts, use the Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads after cleansing with the pH Balanced Cleanser. The lightly textured pad will pick up any make up or oils left behind on the skin. Plus, the clinical grade of glycolic acid will clear pores which reduces breakouts. Dr. B adds, "I developed the Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads for a deep clean, nothing else on the market delivers a powerful clinical treatment that cleanses, tones, and treats all in one disposal pad." 

After a though cleanse restore the skin with vital moisture. The Dermatologist's Choice Facial Enhancement Cream is a thick daily moisturizer that also will prevent fine lines and acne with non-neutralized glycolic. 

Don't be afraid this Halloween to wear some tricky make up. Rest assured that Dermatologist's Choice is here to help for truly clean and clear skin. 

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