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Meet the DermChoice Team : Connie, Glowing for 30 years... here's her secret

Glowing for 30 years... here's her secret.

Last week, you met Tori. This week, meet Connie, who's taking it to the next level to give you the best service and an enjoyable skincare experience. Connie is our customer relations and events manager, and she also helps fulfill many of the orders our customers place online. Her favorite part of her role is wrapping your order up just like a luxurious gift you'll be happy to open! She believes that every time you and your friends and family receive DermChoice it should make you smile. Her 40 years in customer relations and hospitality is evident in her attention to detail, devotion to sharing the DermChoice mission, and her pure enjoyment when connecting with you.

Connie's support for DermChoice began 30 years ago when she started using the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream. Fun fact - she used to be an international model in London, Spain, and the USA, so keeping her skin glowing was a top priority. That's when Dr. B recommended the DermChoice Ultra Anti-Aging Cream and she has been using it ever since! This is why her model-like glow hasn't faded or diminished in 30 years... can't you tell? Connie not only works at DermChoice as our customer relations manager but is also the best testimonial for the products. 

We chatted with Connie for a Q and A for you to learn a little more about the DermChoice family.

Q. Connie, what's your favorite part of working at DermChoice? 

A. My favorite part of working at Dermatologist's Choice is the fact that we are an entirely family based/ owned company. We were founded 40 years ago and have a personal interest in all our customers' needs. We strive to provide the best quality, effective, clinically proven products on the market today for the best customer results! We always take pride in our research & development of every product we sell and guarantee our product satisfaction 100%. Our customers make it very personal & rewarding for us. It is always nice to see the direct honest & satisfied customer results & testimonials. We're happy to be a part of all our customers successful skincare routines.

Q. Over many decades, it's safe to say you've seen a lot of products come and go. In your opinion, what makes Dermatologist's Choice different than others on the market?

A. Dermatologist's Choice is different from all other skincare because it is natural, clinically proven for effective results, and developed with the utmost care & professionalism by a Certified Dermatologist with experience in the beauty industry.

We take pride in our research to make our products not only effective, but also safe, pure, Leaping Bunny Certified for all skin types and usages. It is not only a great skin care line for all ages, genders and skin types, but it is truly 100% effective in treating all types of skin care concerns and clinically tested for effectiveness. It is proven to work for thousands of our customers, thus giving credibility to all our products.

Q. When you're not caring for your family or providing DermChoice customers the best skincare experience, what DermChoice product are you using?

A. I love the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream as my staple "go to", as I have been using it for 30 years now and can see a noticeable difference in the reduction of wrinkles and aging on my skin. I often get comments that I look "15-20 years younger" than I am. At age 60, I have no fine lines and wrinkles, which I attribute to using the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream with non-neutralized 15% glycolic natural acid. It's simply the best, most effective product on the skin care market today! Next, I use the Sunscreen/ Moisturizer with SPF30 as a "base" moisturizer everyday before I ever go outside.

I only use powder over and go! I never use base makeup, as my skin is so renewed after the moisturizer that I don't even need it.
 My other "staple" is the Facial Enhancement Cream. I absolutely love this product as an everyday moisturizer and effective treatment for crows feet and fine lines. It is smooth, soothing, and effective on my skin, but still contains our flagship non-neutralized glycolic as the active ingredient.
I've been so happy and proud to tell people I'm 60 because I simply don't look my age! I love it when someone comments on my skin looking young & healthy. I tell them to check out Dermatologist's Choice online to see what great skincare we have for all ages, genders and skin types! It's the ultimate compliment when someone loves what you're doing for them. Great testimonials from real customers really make my day!  
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