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Get rid of hangnails with this one dermatologist formulated product.

Hangnails are just flat out annoying, they are those jagges pieces of skin that jut out from the sides of the fingernails. We will note that they are not as much of an issue on the toes, thank goodness. While the nail suggests, a hangnail is actually not part of the nail itself. They are small but the pain and irritation are not. Hangnails are caused by cracked, brittle skin. They may occur more often during winter when the skin is notoriously more dry. 

Anything that drys out the skin will increase the chances of the skin developing hangnails. Washing your hands excessively, cold weather, and tough work that stresses the skin can all lead to hangnails. Additionally, bitting your nails or clipping the cuticles down too close to the nailbed leads to more hangnails. 

To get rid of hangnails moisturizing your skin is the best step to avoid and lessen hangnails. 

Dr. B developed the Pre-Bath Oil and Nail Complex for dry skin and hangnails. These products will deeply moisturize your skin during the winter months or before washing your hands. Control your hangnails with these dermatologist tested and formulated products. Plus, they are paraben free, fragrance free and cruelty free. 

The Pre Bath Oil is applied before your wash your hands. Give it a moment and then wash as normal. Your hands will still receive a through clean but not suffer from hangnails. Dr. B adds, "The difference is in the Pre-Bath Oil formulation, by applying it BEFORE you wash your hands it creates a protective barrier and penetrates deep in to the skin to soothe dry skin at the source. Use the Pre-Bath Oil every time you wash your hands. You'll see less hangnails in just a few days."

For extra care after using the Pre-Bath Oil and throughout the day, apply the rich Nail Complex to the nail beds. The Nail Complex is a thick formulation to moisturize existing hangnails and to avoid further hangnails from developing. The Nail complex is in a compact tube to take with you in your bag for immediate care on the go. It also doubles as a great dry lip soother too. 

Hangnails are common but with these easy to use dermatologist formulated and tested solutions, hangnails don't need to annoy you any longer. They can be prevented with regular use of the Pre-Bath Oil and Nail Complex

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