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Dermatologist Dr. B shares his purpose behind Dermatologist's Choice

Back in 1981, when Dr. B. set out to create Dermatologist's Choice, he wanted to create a line that was accessible and actually worked. He'd found that most of the products available in stores were ineffective, and prescriptions were hard to obtain.
Accessibility and effectiveness.
His front line experience with his patients revealed two things. First, patients want a solution that is easily available when they need it. Secondly, they want it to work the first time rather than after weeks or months.
He found that patients would go to the store and not find what they needed. This would drag out their treatment time, causing impatience and frustration. The only solution was to make the products his patients needed himself - so this is what he did.
He created products that were both easy to find (because he had them right there in his office) and highly effective (because they used the same ingredients he had treated his patients with for years).
It's simple - Dr. B's number one priority is to help his patients by providing the skincare they need and the results they want. 
Have you been looking for an accessible and effective skin solution?
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