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Got "maskne"?

We're seeing it everywhere - businesses requiring the use of masks or face coverings when in their stores, or even states requiring everyone to wear them when out in public. An unfortunate side-effect of all this mask-wearing is "maskne" (acne caused be wearing a face mask), and it's prompting some to look for new skin solutions for under their face masks.

Maskne - Woman wearing mask -  Dermatologist's Choice

"This isn't a surprise," says Dr. B, founder of Dermatologist's Choice. "Constant sweating, rubbing, and contact with the mask can cause acne and irritation of the skin."  We've got a few recommendations and simple steps to help you avoid "maskne" and maintain your bright, healthy skin. 

"Constant sweating, rubbing, and contact with the mask can cause acne and irritation of the skin." says Dr. B.

Before putting on your mask:

1. Wash skin with a cleanser that is gentle and balances the natural pH of the skin, such as the pH Balanced Cleanser. This will help clear potential irritants and restore the skin's natural balance so you can protect it from your mask.

2. Moisturize + protect the skin from excessive friction and rubbing from the face mask by keeping skin well hydrated. Our Pre-Bath Oil has natural sunflower and jojoba oils to provide a protective, moisture-rich barrier between your skin and your mask. 

"I give all my patients with eczema and dry skin the Pre-Bath Oil. It's the only thing that will protect and also deeply hydrate the skin." says Dr. B.

After wearing a face mask:

3. Clean off trapped oil, sweat, and debris on the skin that gathers under and along the face mask and leads to acne breakouts by using the Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads.

4. Moisturize + treat the skin with the Facial Enhancement Cream. The dual-action formulation of rich shea butter and clinical glycolic acid hydrates the skin, clears pores, and exfoliates the top layer of skin. 

For dry and sensitive skin, adding the Pre-bath Oil as a finishing touch can be helpful to soothe skin and reduce redness. 

Dr. B notes, "Glycolic acid is the best at exfoliating the skin, making skin look bright and healthy. It is a go-to treatment because it has shown to remove stubborn impurities like acne. It helps build collagen, and gives you a healthy glow."

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