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How to have a Spa Day at Home

For those of you who are missing out on your monthly dermatology or spa appointment, or are just in need of a relaxing moment, we have the best dermatologist formulated treatment just for you with tips on how to create a spa day at home! Enjoy!⠀

1. Choose the right room for peace and quiet or a warm and inspiring setting outside.⠀
2. Safely light your favorite scented candles.⠀
3. Choose fun and relaxing music.⠀
4. Mix up a refreshing fruit infused water.⠀
5. Cozy up in your robe.⠀
6. Prep skin and apply DermChoice Deep Cleansing Facial Mask.⠀
7. Sit back and relax as mask solidifies.⠀
8. Enjoy nourished skin.⠀
9. Enhance skin with other revitalizing DermChoice products. ⠀
10. Stay well with positive affirmations. ⠀

Have a fun way to relax and rejuvenate at home? Share with us below in the comments. ⠀

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