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What's a toner and why you need it in your skincare routine?

Applying facial toner on pad

A facial toner is a skincare product used to clean excess oil and dirt off the skin's surface. A facial toner is typically recommended for those with oily, acne-prone skin because of its clarifying properties. Toners are usually alcohol based and include other exfoliating ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Toners have key ingredient to absorb the excess oil and grime on the skin to avoid clogged pores. 

To apply a facial toner, dap toner on a cotton pad and swipe across the skin, start at the forehead and work down to your chin. It is common practice to apply toner on the "t-zone" which is the forehead, nose, and chin. The "t-zone" is well-know to be an excessively oily skin and prone to the development of acne, blackheads and whiteheads. 

It is best to apply a facial toner after cleansing the skin with the pH Balanced Cleanser and before applying treatment creams and serums. A toner is one of the best skincare products to use because it cleans the skin well to allow treatment products and ingredients like glycolic acid of Retin-A to enter the skin and reach maximum depth to promote optimal brightening, firming, and clarifying results.

Ready to give a facial toner a try? Dermatologists recommend the Dermatologist's Choice Purifying Facial Toner to include in your skincare routine. Learn how to use the Purifying Facial Toner in the how-to video below.


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