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Best skincare ingredient to use during pregnancy.

You found out you're pregnant, congratulations! Now you're wondering if the skincare products you use everyday are safe to continue to use during pregnancy. We have the dermatologist recommendations you need and the ingredients you should and shouldn't use during pregnancy. 

pregnancy skincare

First, consult with your doctor regarding products and medications used while pregnant. 

As for ingredients not to use during pregnancy, medical professionals suggest that you should not use certain retinol or vitamin A derivatives like retin-A. These ingredients can cause harm to the baby. If you're looking for anti-aging, dark spot, and acne skincare solutions, there are plenty of other natural and effective skincare ingredients to use in place of retinols and retin-A. 

Glycolic acid is a fantastic ingredient to use during pregnancy. According to dermatologists, glycolic acid is safe to use during pregnancy. Glycolic acid is naturally derived from sugar cane so you don't need to worry using it. Some women have the "mask of pregnancy" which are dark spots on the cheeks that commonly appear during pregnancy. Glycolic acid is well-known to brighten the skin, this is the perfect time to incorporate a glycolic acid product to lighten up dark spots that appear during pregnancy. Glycolic acid retexturizes the skin, what this means is the skin will lightly exfoliate after using a glycolic acid product. It's not harmful. In fact, exfoliating the skin helps the fresh, new layer of skin to come to the surface and removes old, dead, and damaged skin. During pregnancy an increase in hormones can lead to skin issues such as acne breakouts. glycolic acid is helpful for calming acne breakouts since it cleans the pores and smooths the skin. Glycolic acid is a safe skincare ingredient to use during pregnancy and has many skin benefits.

Once you've given birth you can still use your glycolic acid skincare postpartum to control acne breakouts, uneven texture, and brighten the skin's complexion, especially after being up all night with the baby. Dermatologists agree glycolic is safe for breastfeeding moms. 


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