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Better than Botox, the more effective anti-aging treatment

Better than Botox injection

We've all been there, the moment you look in the mirror and get an overwhelming feeling of shock at the sight of a wrinkle on your forehead or around your eyes. You stare and blink a couple of times in disbelief, as if it was just a smug on the mirror not a wrinkle on your skin. Next, you start to think, "how did that get there?!" and "how can I quickly get rid of the wrinkle on my skin?!".

You may think Botox is the best treatment for reducing wrinkles on the skin but truthfully it doesn't do anything to get ride of the wrinkle. Botox is the paralyzing of the muscle, it doesn't do anything to "fix" the skin. Plus, Botox is not a long term solution. After a couple weeks the Botox injection dissolves and pop! the wrinkle is back. Botox is temporary. 

Glycolic is better than Botox. Glycolic treats the skin not just the muscle. Glycolic fades wrinkles for lasting results not just for a week or two like Botox. Glycolic also improves the tone of your skin, Botox can't do that. Glycolic is more effective than Botox because the active non-neutralized glycolic enters the pores of the skin to create collagen and exfoliate the skin - this means the skin is being repaired aka. wrinkles disappear! One treatment of non-neutralized glycolic can dramatically improve the firmness of the skin and brightness of the skin's complexion. You just won't see these results with only Botox. Plus, there is no painful injection needed when applying glycolic. Glycolic is applied daily in the Facial Enhancement Cream moisturizer or Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads. Even better, you don't need to make an appointment for a glycolic treatment. You can safely apply a glycolic treatment at home. Glycolic is natural, easy to use, and best for removing wrinkles for the long term. 

Next time you notice a wrinkle in the mirror, grab your Facial Enhancement and Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads to actually reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

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