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Has the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated aging skin?

The Covid-19 pandemic brought about a lot of change for us all. For many, concerns and signs of aging was part of it. According to Dr. Jaz, Dermatologist at Alliance Dermatology, in Phoenix, AZ, cosmetic procedures are on a rise! Patients are coming into the dermatologist office to receive aging treatments such as chemical peels and Botox that may have some downtown involved after the treatment. The thought is the people coming in to receive these procedures are also working and staying at home, which allows them to recover if needed without being seen in public. 

Recently mentioned in the American Academy of Dermatology journal, Board Certified Dermatologist, Dr. Katta MD noted that a combination of factors brought on by the pandemic are contributing to growing complaints of accelerated skin aging. If you are someone working from home you are probably very familiar with Zoom meetings. A growing perception and what Dr. Katta calls, "Zoom face" is caused by poor lighting, harsh shadows, and unflattering angles. This is contributing to our perception of our skin, resulting in an increase in awareness of aging skin. It's like looking repeatedly into an unflattering mirror. Other factors that can contribute to premature skin aging or the appearance of aging skin, include an increase in stress, lack of sleep, and a change of diet or routine. 

As we stay at home, more people are opting to take aging skin into their own hands with at-home dermatology solutions like peels and masks. In some cases you can receive very similar results in the comfort of your home by using solutions like the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream or the Deep Cleansing Facial Mask by Dermatologist's Choice. Dermatologist-tested ingredients like glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid can provide just the boost your skin needs to smooth fine lines and brighten tone in a convenient night cream or facial mask. For more information on how glycolic acid can improve aging skin read more here

Tips to reduce aging skin during the Covid-19 pandemic:

- Choose the right skincare products. When considering skincare products select products that work best for your skin type. For example, if you are experiencing dryness and irritation try the Pre-Bath Oil. If you have normal/combination skin but need a boost to decrease signs of wrinkles and dull looking skin, the Facial Enhancement Cream is a good product to start with. Lastly, for those with oily skin and those experiencing Maskne (acne cased from wearing a mask) try the Glycolic Peel Pads to smooth the skin's texture, clear excess oil, and reduce acne. When choosing skincare products check the ingredient list for medically-proven ingredients to ensure best results. Glycolic acid is super effective for smoothing fine lines, evening skin tone and decreasing acne. Don't waste your time and money on mild or ineffective products. 

- Clean up your diet. Eating foods that are a good source of vitamins and antioxidants can help boost the skin's natural repair and regeneration processes.

- Protect your skin. Prioritize caring for your skin. What this means is shielding it from the sun, which causes accelerated skin damage and aging. Also don't pick at your skin or use rough towels or physical exfoliators. They can cause micro tares on your skin. Finding a balance with your skincare also helps your largest organ operate at its best.

- Getting more rest.  Sleep has a lot of benefits for our overall health and wellness. When we receive a healthy amount of sleep the skin is able to repair and revive itself sufficiently. Getting a good night sleep also helps to decrease the appearance of aging, dark under-eyes, and dull life-less looking skin. Try applying the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream and/or the Pre-Bath Oil to your skin before bed to boost the rejuvenation process. Look forward to dewy, smooth, and bright looking skin when you wake-up the morning after.

- Adopt an exercise routine. Nutritionist and Chiropractor, Dr. Tori, recommends routine exercise to decrease signs of aging and increase the overall health of our skin. "When we exercise our bodies releases toxins when we sweat." The removal of toxins from our bodies help our bodies regulate and operate more efficiently, which includes a decrease in the signs of aging. Get started with going for a walk around your neighborhood.


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