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Customer Review Product Comparison: Paula's Choice AHA vs. Dermatologist's Choice glycolic acid cream


Are you tired of battling dull, uneven skin tone and longing for a complexion that exudes radiance? Look no further! In today's crowded skincare market, finding the perfect to exfoliate and moisturize can be overwhelming. But fear not, because we're here to help you navigate through the maze of options and discover the holy grail of skincare: the Dermatologist's Choice Facial Enhancement Cream and Paula's Choice are two popular AHA options. Both products offer exfoliation and skin renewal benefits, but there are some differences worth considering.

The Dermatologist's Choice Facial Enhancement Cream seems to offer a more comprehensive approach to skincare. Its deep pore cleansing and exfoliation properties, along with glycolic acid for cell turnover and collagen production, suggest a more intensive treatment. The inclusion of organic ingredients and being fragrance and paraben-free can be appealing to those with sensitive skin or those who prefer natural products. Plus, the thick cream help deeply moisturize and reduce irritation from the AHA glycolic acid.

A dermatologist's Choice customer for 30 years praised the Facial Enhancement Cream for helping her look 25+ years younger, "I feel blessed to have benefitted SO much from using these products. In May I will celebrate my 87th birthday -- my friends all tell me that I look like I'm in my 60's!!!"

Additionally other customers have seen a real difference in their skin saying, "I've been struggling with my skin for a couple of years now. It's been a constant struggle to find products that really work for my skin which leaves me feeling insecure and doubtful. When I discovered the Facial Enhancement Cream from Dermatologist Choice it really helped my skin and has boosted my confidence. I've been using it consistently and I have notice a HUGE difference in my skin. I've been having little to no breakouts, my dark spots are fading, and my skin texture has improved. I am so grateful for this product and hope that it helps everyone like it helped me."

Other say the Dermatologist's Choice Facial Enhancement Cream is luxury but is a great value compared to expensive products saying, "I recently started using this as my daily moisturizer and love it - I am going to be a loyal fan forever! My skin tone is better, brighter, aging spots are disappearing and wrinkles are quickly fading. I used to use Clarins from France so am used to higher quality products but this company provides a better product at a better price point. Thank you!"

On the other hand, Paula's Choice Daily Smoothing Treatment with 5% AHA provides minimal daily exfoliation with its lightweight, hydrating lotion consistency. It's suitable for regular use and promises to reveal smoother, more radiant skin. However, it doesn't mention collagen production or deep pore cleansing, and it's not specified whether it's fragrance or paraben-free. Customers mentioned not favoring the bad smell or the irritation it may cause. Others noted not seeing significant results and commented it was greasy.

Ultimately, if you're looking for a more intensive treatment that targets hyperpigmentation, boosts collagen production, and deeply cleanses pores, the Dermatologist's Choice Facial Enhancement Cream seems like the better choice. Its emphasis on dermatologist founded and formulated, organic ingredients and being fragrance and paraben-free adds to its appeal. Considering the provided information, Dermatologist's Choice Facial Enhancement Cream is highly recommended for its comprehensive approach to skincare and its focus on optimal skin health.

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Age Management: Starter Set



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