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What qualifies medical grade skincare?

Medical grade skincare products


Navigating the world of skincare can often feel like deciphering a maze, especially with the prevalence of terms like "medical-grade" that promise exceptional results. However, it's crucial to approach such claims with a discerning eye and delve deeper into what sets these products apart.

"Medical-grade" skincare refers to formulations that typically contain higher concentrations of active ingredients, designed to address specific skin concerns with enhanced potency. Unlike over-the-counter products, medical-grade skincare undergoes rigorous testing and is often utilized in medical settings due to its efficacy and reliability.

One prime example of medical-grade skincare is the Dermatologist's Choice line, which features active non-neutralized glycolic acid. Dr. Richard Bottiglione, the founder of Dermatologist's Choice, underscores the significance of this ingredient, noting its equivalence in strength to prescription treatments like Retin-A and clinical procedures like chemical peels. Dr. Bottiglione's confidence stems from his firsthand experience using these products in his medical practice to treat patients. In fact, he developed the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream as an over the counter competitor to prescription RetinA or Tretinoin. 

"This is what I actually use to treat patients," Dr. Bottiglione affirms. "I need to trust a medical grade product will treat my patients skin concerns." His emphasis on tangible results underscores the efficacy of Dermatologist's Choice products, which he insists need to be medical-grade to deliver optimal outcomes.

In essence, while the term "medical-grade" skincare can be wielded liberally in the industry, it's crucial to scrutinize the science behind the products and prioritize formulations backed by clinical evidence. With Dermatologist's Choice, consumers can trust in a skincare line that not only bears the "medical-grade" label but also garners endorsement from a practicing dermatologist who relies on these products daily to meet the needs of his patients.

Start your medical grade skincare routine with the Dermatologist's Choice Age Management Set. 

Age Management: Intermediate Set

Age Management: Intermediate Set


Revive and Rejuvenate. The Age Management: Intermediate Kit is a strong three-step regimen for those looking to powerfully reverse and manage signs of aging. This kit incorporates our flagship dermatology strength non-neutralized glycolic acid products (pH Balanced Cleanser, Ultra Anti-Aging Cream, and Ultimate Restorative Hydrating Complex) to advance the natural cell-turnover process and rebuild collagen. Most customers experienced brighter, more hydrated, smoother, firmer, even toned skin after just a couple days of using the Age Management: Intermediate Kit

Derm Tip: Dr. B. highly recommends the Age Management: Intermediate Kit to those who desire a real product with active potent clinical ingredients to achieve dermatology-grade results at-home in less time. Those who are looking to bring the chemical peel treatment home will enjoy this set. Best for those who have experience with non-neutralized glycolic acid. 

Results: Most experienced brighter, firmer, and clearer skin in days of first application.

Skin Type: Combination, normal, oily, dry, and mature.

Skin Concern: Wrinkles, fine lines, dark under eyes, skin pigmentation, sun damage, dark spots, uneven skin complexion, dry skin.

This kit includes pH Balanced Cleanser (8 oz), Ultra Anti-Aging Cream (1.7 oz), and Ultimate Restorative Hydrating Complex (2oz).

How to Use

How to Use:


Step 1: Cleanse face and neck with pH Balanced Cleanser. 

Step 2: Moisturize and protect with the Ultimate Restorative Hydrating Complex.  


(Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)

Step 1. Cleanse with pH Balanced Cleanser.

Step 2: Rejuvenate skin overnight by applying Ultra Anti-Aging Cream to face and neck. Increase weekly application as skin will tolerate.

*For very dry skin, apply product 1-3 times a week for three weeks to start to allow skin to build tolerance to non-neutralized glycolic acid. If skin becomes dry apply Ultimate Restorative Hydrating Complex.

(Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Step 1: Cleanse face and neck with pH Balanced Cleanser. 

Step 2: Nourish face and neck with Ultimate Restorative Hydrating Complex as the nightly moisturizer.


No parabens, No fragrance, Certified cruelty free, and made with natural and organic ingredients in the USA.

Glycolic (AHA)- Naturally derived from sugar cane, Glycolic molecules are the optimal size to penetrate the pores to deeply cleanse skin. It promotes exfoliation and rebuilds collagen for fresh glowing skin. 


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