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Ultimate Restorative Hydrating Complex

Experience The Trustworthy Tingle

Active Ingredients for Real Skin Care Results

Wherever you are on your skin care journey, Dermatologist’s Choice has over 40 years of experience utilizing fully active ingredients in our products so your skin gets real results.

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Non-Active or Slightly Active Ingredients

These contain very slightly active ingredients (or neutralized active ingredients). For example, retinol, vitamin C, ferulic acid, lactic acid, and salicylic acid.

These products typically add buffer ingredients that compromise the effectiveness and expected results from glycolic acid.

Non-active (neutralized) glycolic acid will not effectively penetrate into the deeper layers of skin or the pores, preventing it from activating the skin’s natural regeneration and exfoliation process.

Dermatologist’s Choice

The Active, non-neutralized difference

Our products utilize fully active ingredients including non-neutralized glycolic acid and trichloroacetic acid.

When applying real glycolic acid, the skin will experience the Trustworthy Tingle. This tingling sensation is the indication that the glycolic acid is fully active (non-neutralized) and is working as it should by entering the pores.

Dermatologist’s Choice’s non-neutralized glycolic acid provides the full strength of a medical-grade skincare treatment.

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Over 40 Years Utilizing Fully Active Ingredients

Formulated in 1981 by Dr. Bottiglione, we care for your skincare the way your dermatologist would by using potent medical-grade treatments that have outlasted all the trends in skincare. You’ll get refreshed, rejuvenated skin and feel healthier and more confident.

Learn more about our flagship ingredient, non-neutralized, glycolic acid

Best Cleanser 2023 Skin Awards Winner.

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Age with ease and less of the fine lines with these next-level medical grade skincare solutions.

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Remove impurities from pores, reduce breakouts, and smooth the skin. Star seeing clearer skin in days.

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Replenish the skin's moisture, protect the skin's natural barrier, and soothe irritation on the skin with these time-tested products.

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