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My Choice is DermChoice : "Must haves! I use each product for multiple reasons."

In this edition of My Choice is DermChoice we are featuring a Dermatologist's Choice customer who declared the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream, Hand and Body Lotion, and Pre-Bath Oil as her "must haves"! Continue reading to learn why she chose DermChoice. Catch up on our last customer success story here.
Why did you choose Dermatologist's Choice?
I read about the products on their website, did my own research and purchased their products one at a time to try them.  Once I tried them, I was hooked!  I love the fact that Dr. B. developed the products years ago for his patients and they have helped so many people since then. I am benefiting from his 40 years of experience!    
How has DermChoice improved your skin?
The Ultra Anti-Aging Cream took away the fine lines on my face and seemed to tighten the skin on my face and neck. The Pre-Bath Oil has eased the dryness on my arms and legs that I experience in the winters.
What surprised you the most about DermChoice?
I can use each product for multiple reasons!  For example, the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream serves as a moisturizer as well as an exfoliant. I use the Pre-Bath Oil for my dry skin in the winter and apply to my cuticles year-round as needed.   
What is your favorite DermChoice product and why? 
This is a hard question to answer because I have three favorites: The Ultra Anti-Aging cream reverses the aging in my skin, Pre-Bath Oil helps my dry skin in the winter months and it makes my skin feel like silk after using it. Finally, the Hand and Body Lotion are thick and luxurious. All are “must haves” for me.
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