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My Choice is DermChoice : "clears up my skin in no time"

In this edition of My Choice is DermChoice we are featuring a Dermatologist's Choice customer who found Dermatologist's Choice as her go-to acne solution. Continue reading to learn why she chose DermChoice.

Why did you choose Dermatologist's Choice?
I began using Dermatologist's Choice products as my recommended treatment from Dr. B. in my early teens and have been using his products ever since.   

How has Dermatologist's Choice improved your skin?
Dermatologist's Choice cleared up my acne in my teen years and still keeps my face looking clear and beautiful today! 
What surprised you the most about DermChoice?
When I have an occasional breakout, the Dermatologist's Choice acne lotion, glycolic peel pads, and mask clear my skin up in no time!
What is your favorite DermChoice product and why? Feel free to share your skincare routine below.
I love all of the Dermatologist Choice products and feel they work wonderful together!  
My regimen: 

Deep Cleansing Facial Mask (once per week) 
Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads (as needed for breakouts) 
If you want to have clear, smooth skin, I highly recommend Dermatologist's Choice products!!
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