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Your Best Skin at Every Age

Glow-boosting strategies and powerhouse products formulated to outsmart aging in every decade. And go ahead, share these tips with your daughter, best friend or sister, we could all use effortless healthy skin. 

20's: Dermatologists recommend the best habit for your 20-something skin is to apply - and reapply - sunscreen daily, whether it is sunny or cloudy. UV rays are the #1 cause and 90% of visible aging. SPF is a good go-to defense against developing spots and wrinkles later in life.

30's: If you do start to see fine lines or spots appear or changes in texture in your 30's you can minimize with regular use of glycolic acid. When applied topically, it gently removes dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin's surface to reveal a smoother, more refined complexion almost immediately. Glycolic acid also is know to promote collagen production which will contribute to firmer skin long-term. In your 30's it is best to use a lower concentration between 5%-10% non-neutralized glycolic acid. We recommend our Facial Enhancement Cream. 

40's: Now is the time to focus on going to the next-level in building collagen. If you are just now learning the benefits of collagen or noticing fine lines around your eyes, then consider some serious action to reverse the effects of time. A medical-grade glycolic acid complex is just what you need to kick your skin back into gear. However most treatments are available and safe to do at home. Glycolic acid at a high non-neutralized concentration will penetrate deep to rebuild the natural collagen in the skin. Collagen is very vital to firm skin and reduce fine lines on the skin. 

50's: Research has found that the damaging effects of sun exposure, pollution, and chronic stress have a significant impact on the aging process, which, by the time you are in your 50's show up as wrinkles. When applying a daily moisturizer and night cream with non-neutralized glycolic such as the Ultra Anti-Aging cream will help to transform the sun damage and wrinkles to smooth and firm the skin, sometime within weeks.



60's: Gravity will not stop, but we can fight back from its results such as sagging skin and fine lines by committing to a good night cream with active ingredients. A good formula should contain a high concentration of AHA to firm and rebuild to structure of the skin. A night cream with a hydrating component will also add to the skin's overall appearance. 

Share this with a friend at any age. Let us know how do you prepare or prevent aging skin?

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