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Seeing Red? Why Post-Peel Blush Signals Your Skin's Success Story!

Imagine dipping your toes into the refreshing pool of skincare, only to find your skin blushing with a hint of red after a chemical peel. Baffled? Surprised? Fear not! This red flag might actually be a green light, signaling that your skin is on the path to reaping the benefits of a peel. Journey with us as we delve into the fascinating world of peels and the story behind the post-peel redness, brought to you by the skincare maven, Dr. B of Dermatologist's Choice.

Peels are an intoxicating cocktail of various acids, notably alpha hydroxy acids (like glycolic acid) and beta hydroxy acids (such as lactic acid). These are nature's own elixirs, derived from plants and fruits. Take citric acid, for instance, found in the tangy flesh of lemons and other citrus delights.

Post-peel redness is akin to an initiation rite. If your skin dons a red hue after a peel, it’s a sign that your skin is yet to build a tolerance to the acid or the acid potency is somewhat strong for your skin - both are common peel side effects. The low pH of these acids stimulates a cell-shedding process, where the acid unfastens the 'glue' holding skin cells together. But breathe easy; this is a surface-level process primarily affecting the skin's uppermost layer. When this takes place, your skin may paint a rosy picture.

Here's an analogy to ease your mind: think about the fiery sensation in your mouth after a splash of hot sauce. Does it scare you? Likely not. The initial shock swiftly gives way to a cooling sip of water. Much like the hot sauce, the acid might cause a temporary heat and redness on your skin - the Trustworthy Tingle - but rest assured, it’s harmless.

Adding acid solutions to your skin does lead to some irritation and redness, but the intensity of this response depends on the depth and strength of the peel. However, in over 40 years of patient care, the DermChoice strength has never left a mark. Post-peel redness and flaking might linger for one, two, or even three weeks, but it always vanishes.

In pursuit of a speedy recovery, moisturizing is your skin's best ally. If a deeper peel is what you're after, feel free to apply the acid solution again the next day for greater penetration into the dermis - that's where the collagen-stimulating magic happens. Our Dry Skin Body Kit is your perfect post-peel partner, not only enhancing the rejuvenation process but also soothing skin irritations.

Ready to take the plunge and experience the transformative power of a peel? Trust in the blush, embrace the tingle, and welcome the journey to revitalized, radiant skin with Dermatologist's Choice. It's time to turn skincare into self-care.

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