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Why I chose Dermatologist’s Choice Skincare for my skin solutions.

When it comes to caring for your skin, the products and ingredients you use on your skin can make the difference between achieving real results and just applying a fancy lotion. The truth is most products on the market are just that, a fancy lotion lacking an active ingredient to actually improve your skin. When Dermatologist Dr. B created Dermatologist’s Choice, the status quo of products on the market was just not going to cut it when it comes to truly providing an effective solution for his patients. That’s why we only take time-tested ingredients and products with potent formulations. 40 years later, our customers prove that effective medical-grade skincare is within reach for the results you need and want-check out their reviews below. At Dermatologist’s Choice we are proud to share our patients results. Are you ready for real skincare? Don’t wait, give DermChoice a try!

Perfect for helping my eczema!

The Pre-Bath Oil is one of those “aha movement” products where the moment you use it, you know it is going to change your skin for the better. I have had incredibly dry skin and eczema for most my life and after showering, I always have to use a ton of lotion to replenish the moisture, especially as the water in NYC is very dry. The Pre-Bath Oil completely changed that for me. I apply right before I hop in the shower and it prevents the water from drying out my skin. It leaves my skin feeling so silky, nourished and hydrated and I don’t need to use nearly as much lotion as before. If I don’t shave my legs, I can actually skip the lotion all together! The Pre-Bath Oils is so easy to use and I am so grateful to have found a product that protects and helps my dry skin!


It is a joy to use

With a touch of Pre-Bath Oil from
Dermatologist Choice I now have an immediate change to my dry skin
“It is a Joy to Use”.


The perfect protective layer of hydration.

Ever since discovering the pre-bath oil, I no longer need to use a body lotion. It preps my skin prior to entering the showering, protecting it from hardened water, keeping it hydrated while I shower, and when I get out, I'm completely hydrated and don't need to reapply it. It's not sticky or oily it all, it feels like the perfect protective layer of hydration that my skin loves, especially in the wintertime. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has dry winter skin and dislikes the absorption time and the texture of standard body lotions and oils.

Great for my combo skin!

I switched to this cleanser from a Rodan and Fields product ~1 month ago. I find it to be far less drying and just as effective (also less expensive). My skin is a combo of oily/dry so it can be hard to get it right! I use this product after the cleansing wash and before the facial enhancements cream - loving it!

dermatologists choice balanced cleanser

Effective but gentle - everything I need in a product.

Amazing - I really cannot say any more great things about this cleanser. I use it on my face, neck and chest. It helps remove makeup and just overall buildup throughout the day but does not strip your face, nor is it drying. I like that it's fragrance-free, paraben-free, alkalis-free, and soap-free!⁣ I feel comfortable knowing that this was a formula created by a dermatologist, and not something you can just pick up from the pharmacy store. Also, for the price, there is a lot of product. I will definitely get another bottle once this runs out.

Great every day wash

I have a combo of oily/dry skin and started using this was ~1 ago. It does a great job removing make up and oil without making my skin too dry. I hadn't realized how dry my skin had become from my previous products (another brand) and am super thankful to have given the DC products a try.

Mrs. Georgia United States 2019

This product is great and so refreshing. I was given to this during my pageant week from one of the fellow contestants. It refreshed my face so much after the pageant weekend and I have been using it ever since. It is incredible. I can't say enough about it! So awesome!

BEST GIFT! Much softer and brighter skin.

Oh my goodness. My skin looks and feels so much better. Much softer and brighter. Being the cynic that I am, I never thought one treatment would make such a big difference!


This is definitely the best mask I have ever used. I have been using it for on and off for about a year for treating breakouts and just times when I need a deep cleanse for my face. Sometimes I will put a drop of lavender oil and mix it with the mask and it is so wonderful! I feel like I have been to a spa and gotten a facial! You must buy!!!

Great product- smooth skin!

I just started using this product, and it's amazing! This is the smoothest my skin has felt in months. I used to use a mainstream brand and am very glad I switched to this mask. I highly recommend it to anyone.

So refreshing!

I have been using this mask for around 4 years now and love it! My face always feels so fresh and nice after I use it. It really helps keep my face fresh, clear, and moisturized even in those long Chicago winter months where your skin can really become very dry.


Works wonders!

I have been using the glycolic peel cleansing pads for over a year. Great for exfoliating and feeling cleansed.

A solid moisturizer

I have found my holy grail moisturizer. This product makes my skin so hydrated! I put it on at night and wake up with skin that is still moisturized! That's how I know when a moisturizer works. I can use it around my eyes as a hydrating night cream and on my neck and chest. I love this product!

Obsessed with the tingle. Great moisturizer.

Started using this winter and am so pleased with the results. Moisturized my skin without becoming too oily, and I've become obsessed with the slight tingling sensation. It works well under my foundation, which is another plus.

A Total Skincare Must-Have

This facial cream is one of my new favorite daily moisturizers. Not only does it keep my skin hydrated, but it also helps prevent breakouts, and the Vitamin C helps brighten and give my skin a gorgeous glow. Highly highly recommend!

Holy Grail Anti-Aging Cream

This product provides dermatologist level results in your home. This has to be one of the absolute best, if not the best anti-aging cream I have ever used. After using this product, my skin immediately looks and feels super hydrated and plump, my complexion is more even and clearer and the texture looks and feels smoother and the best part is the fine lines in my forehead vanish. It gives you an overall youthful, healthy looking glow. I do get that “tingle” in my skin when I use it, but it is nothing too uncomfortable and the results are so good it is totally worth it! I am using it a couple times a week but working to build up to using it everyday!

Wonderful Products! I give 5 Stars!

Wonderful Products!
I give 5 Stars!
I’ve been using products for about 4 months and I’ve seen huge difference. I have very dry skin and have tried many other different product lines with dissatisfying results. I also routinely go in for professional facials and always received negative feedback regarding my dry skin. Ever since I started using Dermatologist Skin Products, I now only receive positive feedback and they no longer push their products on me. Amazing Product line!
Christine D

Amazing product!

This is the best anti-aging cream that is available on the market. I have been using this cream for years now and it works much better than Rentin-A. I always get complements on my skin and everyone asks what I use. The answer will always be dermatologists choice :)
The best thing about this product is that it was created by an experienced dermatologist that has been treating patients for decades. I would not trust any other product. Thank you dermatologists choice for this amazing product. I highly recommend everyone to try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Love my Ultra Anti Aging Cream

I am so glad Dr. B made the Ultra Anti Aging Cream for us mature skinned people. I use it daily. I use it in conjunction with the cleanser and cleanser pads. My skin makes me look younger than I am and I wear minimal make up. Thank you Dr B.

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