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50 ways to use the Dermatologist's Choice Skincare Pre-Bath Oil

The Dermatologist's Choice Pre-Bath Oil is a favorite among patients with eczema, dry skin, and other skin irritation. It doesn't stop there, this dermatologist tested natural oil has many benefits and makes it simple to achieve healthy, moisturized skin in less time. Plus, it is ideal for the whole family to use! Place one in your shower, kitchen, and baby bag to best experience all 50 ways to use the Pre-Bath Oil

  1. Calm rashes.
  2. Quell skin irritation.
  3. Smooth rough skin.
  4. Increase skin’s natural healing process. 
  5. Protect the skin’s barrier from irritation and debris. 
  6. Decrease baby or child diaper rash. 
  7. Lock in the skin’s natural moisture.
  8. Minimize signs of aging. 
  9. Rehydrate dry mature skin.
  10. Rebuild sebaceous (oil) glands in your pores.
  11. Soothe and most cases reduce Eczema (atopic dermatitis).
  12. Daily Moisturizer for face.
  13. Moisturize your hair ends.
  14. Reduce redness.
  15. Deeply moisturizes the body with anti-inflammatory properties.
  16. Mix with pH Balanced Cleanser for a more hydrating cleanser.
  17. Apply after revitalizing AHA and BHA treatment to soothe tingle or sting.
  18. Balance skin oil levels.
  19. Repair the skin without oily residue.
  20. Control excess sebum.
  21. Reduce appearance of fine lines. 
  22. Improve the skin’s texture.
  23. Even the skin’s tone.
  24. Help control scalp dandruff. 
  25. Nourishes hair and skin with natural plant oils.
  26. Strengthens skin barrier and layers.
  27. Reduces skin sensitivity.
  28. Helps reduce acne-prone inflammation.
  29. Alleviate itchiness caused by irritating products, chemicals, or excess water exposure like swimming in pools, lakes, or an ocean.
  30. Soothe psoriasis.
  31. Decrease pain caused by skin irritation and wounds from mild to extreme sunburns.
  32. Accelerate healing of skin cuts and scrapes. 
  33. Moisturize dry hands.
  34. Correct cracked knuckles.
  35. Hydrate nail cuticles. 
  36. Reduce stretch marks. 
  37. Revitalized dull, ashy looking skin.
  38. Prevent chaffing on the skin after cycling, running, or rubbing of clothes on the skin.
  39. Soften thick, dry skin on the knees, heels, and elbows. 
  40. Highlight and nourish lips.
  41. Brighten under eye skin. 
  42. Relaxes skin and can be beneficial for better sleep.
  43. Reduces the appearance of scars.
  44. Achieve a closer, smoother shave of body and facial hair in the shower.
  45. Easiest way to achieve and maintain healthy skin.
  46. Even out skin pigmentation.
  47. Fight free radicals.
  48. Promote circulation within the body and skin when used during a massage.
  49. Repair the top layer of skin thanks to it’s fatty acid content.
  50. Deeply moisturize the skin for a longer period of time compared to lotions.

Ready to see results? Get started with the Pre Bath Oil below.

Pre-Bath Oil with natural oils on bathroom

Pre-Bath Oil with natural oils

What It Is 
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BEST for Pre-Bath according to Forbes "Happy Hands, Part 4: Best Oils, Balms, and Salves in the House and on the Road"

BEST alternative for chafing or chamois cream according to Heathline "All about Chamois Cream (aka chafing cream)"


How To Use

Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Isopropyl Palmitate, PEG-4 Dilaurate, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E Acetate)


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