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My Choice is DermChoice : "I've been wanting clean and clinical products"

In this edition of My Choice is DermChoice we are featuring a Dermatologist's Choice customer and skincare lover who uses the Dermatologist's Choice products to soften, plump, and hydrated her skin. Continue reading to learn why she chose DermChoice.
1. Why did you choose Dermatologist's Choice?
I chose DermChoice, because I have been wanting clean and clinical products that show real results on my skin!
2. How has DermChoice improved your skin?
DermChoice has tremendously improved my skin. I love skincare and I'm constantly working new products into my rotation. 
I use the Facial Enhancement cream almost every day and it leaves my skin feeling soft, plump and hydrated - PLUS, it keeps my breakouts at bay. 
3. What surprised you the most about DermChoice?
I was shocked to discover a clinical brand that had clean ingredients and this level of efficacy!
4. What is your favorite DermChoice product and why? Feel free to share your skincare routine below.
My favorite product has to be the Facial Enhancement Cream! I love it because I can feel that it's working.
The "trustworthy tingle" that I experience from the non-neutralized glycolic tells me that my product is at work, leaving behind soft, hydrated skin long after each use. 
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