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Looking Back at 40 Years and our exciting new plans

When a new year starts or when we experience another birthday come and go, we often think back to the memories we created in the passing year and look forward to ways we can make this coming year better than the last. Similarly, here at Dermatologist's Choice we have been reflecting on our last 40 years and excitedly looking forward to what our next 40 years will look like. We are sharing some of our family's highlights from the last 40 years, customers and team members included, and letting you in on some of the exciting plans we have for 2021!

"The best part about the last 40 years is seeing how happy customers are after they have used Dermatologist's Choice and when they tell me how their acne, fines lines, or hyperpigmentation is no longer a problem anymore. That's why I created the line, so I'm glad we're still delivering on our promise." - Dr. B.

"I'm so proud of how far we have come in the last 40 years! We started at one Dermatologist office and now we are a global brand. We could only achieve the success we have with the help of our loyal customers and a team that works extremely hard to ensure we are providing the best service everyday." - Gia

It doesn't stop here! We have so much to look forward to, especially in 2021! 

- Check out our 40 Year Favorite Kits, curated based on your feedback and what you love most about DermChoice!

- Look for DermChoice in your favorite beauty subscription box. Hint: ipsy, Glossybox, and more!

- Finally, watch out for our brand new product unlike anything on the market. Coming this Spring!

You're invited to join the fun! What's your favorite memory or story when using Dermatologist's Choice?

How has DermChoice helped you achieve dermatology results at home?

Did DermChoice help you get a glowing complexion before a big event or wedding?

Did you notice your teen's acne clear up after using DermChoice?

Did DermChoice help you simplify your skincare routine and take the guess work out of getting the solutions you need?

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