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Can I use glycolic acid everyday? (Does glycolic concentration determine this?)

Short answer is yes, whatever your skin can tolerate. Tolerance level is different for everyone. "You may see irritation or redness but this is nothing to worry about because I've never seen permanent scars from glycolic in any strength in my 40 years of dermatology", says Dr. B. There are different strengths of glycolic which can be found in cream or liquid form, liquid form tends to be stronger than lotions and creams. For acne, the strongest available in a pad, like Dermatologist's Choice Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads, or cream form, such as Dermatologist's Choice Ultra Anti-Aging Cream with medical-grade non-neutralized glycolic, is ideal and should be used 2-7 times a week depending on your tolerance.

If you have a low tolerance this may mean your skin gets red or irritated after using non-neutralized glycolic. You may decrease use temporarily, apply moisturizer and it usually clears in a couple days. Neutralized glycolic will not cause any redness or irritation and will not work. If you do experience redness or irritation slightly decrease the amount or frequency of use then build back every three weeks as skin builds a higher tolerance. If you use it everyday and tolerate it, that is great to treat acne and anti-aging. Using everyday will provide better results because of the deeper penetration, this will help acne and anti-aging. You can determine how often and the concentration you want to use based on the results you desire and your skin's tolerance to the non-neutralized glycolic.

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