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Can I use glycolic acid everyday? Dermatologist Explained.


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Why should you use Glycolic Acid in your skincare routine? The answer lies in the versatility and effectiveness of this all-star ingredient. Different skin types and concerns can benefit from Glycolic Acid's ability to exfoliate and promote skin turnover, transforming dull and uneven skin into a bright and glowing complexion.

Can I use glycolic acid everyday? Short answer: yes, Glycolic Acid can benefit your skin, but the key is finding the right strength that your skin can tolerate. As dermatologist Dr. Bottiglione explains, irritation or redness may occur initially, but there is no need to worry as permanent scars are uncommon.

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It's crucial to determine your skin's tolerance level, whether through creams, liquids, or pads containing Glycolic Acid like Dermatologist's Choice Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads, or cream form, such as the Dermatologist's Choice Ultra Anti-Aging Cream with medical-grade non-neutralized glycolic, is ideal and can be used regularly 2-7 times a week depending on your tolerance. Starting off with the lowest glycolic concentration in cream form like the Facial Enhancement Cream is recommended by dermatologists.

If you have a low tolerance this may mean your skin gets red or irritated after using non-neutralized glycolic. You may reduce the amount of applications temporarily, apply moisturizer and it usually clears in a couple days. An important thing to note is if it's neutralized glycolic it will not cause any redness or irritation and will not work. If it's a active non-neutralized acid, you may experience redness or irritation slightly but this is normal. To soothe decrease the amount or frequency of use then build back the amount applied as skin builds a higher tolerance.

This is a very personal trial and error, what works for one person might not work for you so dermatologists recommend playing around with different strengths and products to find the best one for your skin concerns.

If you use it everyday and tolerate it, that is great to help treat acne and anti-aging. Using everyday will provide better results because of the deeper penetration, this will help visibly reduce acne and anti-aging. You can determine how often and the concentration you want to use based on the results you desire and your skin's tolerance to the non-neutralized glycolic.

For acne and anti-aging concerns, choosing the appropriate strength and frequency of use is essential for optimal results. If you experience redness or irritation, consider adjusting the amount or frequency of Glycolic Acid application until your skin builds a higher tolerance. Start with once a week and add a day every week as skin tolerates. With regular use and proper application, Glycolic Acid can effectively target acne and signs of aging by penetrating deeper into the skin. Ultimately, the results you desire and your skin's response to non-neutralized Glycolic Acid will guide you in determining the ideal concentration and frequency for your skincare routine.

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