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After your workout, use this dermatologist formulated product to avoid breakouts plus dry skin.

It’s no secret that a great workout is good for your health. But, can your workouts actually contribute to unwanted breakouts, dry skin, and the appearance of fine lines? Unfortunately, yes, according to Dermatologist’s Choice founder and award-winning dermatologist, Dr. B. However, there’s a solution to this! “Immediately after exercise, when the face is sweaty and oily, use the Glycolic Peel Pads to cleanse your pores of sweat and oil to prevent and treat acne breakouts and fine lines.” 

What should I use to cleanse my skin after a workout? 

“Leaving excess sweat on the skin can lead to infections and clogged pores which cause stubborn acne.” For 40+ years, dermatologists like Dr. B – an award-winning Arizona dermatologist – have trusted glycolic acid as the best treatment for acne, fine lines, and skin pigmentation. Dermatologist’s Choice skincare offers the treatment in their popular Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads. These powerful glycolic peel cleansing pads swiftly cleanse and remove sweat, oil, and debris that collects on your skin during a workout. Its results are almost immediate and the application is so easy. Dermatologist’s Choice flagship ingredient is non-neutralized glycolic acid – the flagship ingredient that is the secret to its effectiveness.

"If I had to name a favorite from the line it is most definitely the Glycolic cleansing pads. I am obsessed. These pads I am convinced are the one thing that has changed my skin. My skin looks instantly brighter and cleaner when I use them. I honestly cannot recommend them enough if you want to see instant results." McKenna, DermChoice customer

What is non-neutralized glycolic acid (AHA)?

Glycolic acid is naturally derived from sugar cane, non-toxic, natural, and safe for all skin types. “Glycolic acid penetrates into the dermis (the second layer of skin) where the collagen is (and where the wrinkles are),” Dr. B shared. “Once you get to the second layer you force the body to rejuvenate the collagen we lose as we age. It takes off a dead layer of skin as well and cleans out the pores. It’s also gentle enough to be used on a weekly basis and even on sensitive skin. It is the natural, over the counter competitor to Retin-A.” Once applied to the skin, it enters the pores and activates a cell renewal process, breaking down the “glue” holding the top layer of skin together, so that the fresh layer can emerge. When the top layer of skin falls and flakes off, it removes unwanted acne, fine lines, and skin pigmentation. 

Make sure you get the real thing...

However, not all glycolic acid is made equal. Many products on the market today advertise “pure” glycolic, but in reality these products are neutralized (i.e., made ineffective) because the manufacturers are scared that the tingling effects of strong glycolic will scare off consumers. These neutralized products sound flashy but won’t do anything for your skin. But, when you feel the tingle (like you will with DermChoice products), you’re only hours away from clearer, brighter, and healthier skin. 

Did you know showering everyday or after every workout quickly dries out your skin by?

We are not saying you should walk around with a post-workout sweat smell by skipping the shower post that intense cycle or bootcamp class. There is a far better way that is both healthier for your skin and more welcoming to your friends or office mates. It’s the Dermatologist’s Choice Pre-Bath Oil. Dr. B shared, “I developed the Pre-Bath Oil after a patient with eczema (clinically irritated and dry skin) could not find relief from over the counter lotions and prescriptions.” Dr. B added, “ The patient told me he applied the oil before entering the shower and experienced relief right away, that’s when I knew we had a winning formula and I have been recommending the Pre-Bath Oil to all my patients with dry skin ever since and saw better results too.” This easy to use product is far more effective than lotion for those who shower daily.

What makes the Pre-bath Oil a one of a kind?

The Pre-Bath Oil is formulated by Dermatologist, Dr. B. to be applied all over your face and body BEFORE entering the bath or shower. By applying the oil before the shower or bath you are creating a protective barrier on the skin surface and since oil penetrates deeper into your skin than lotion the Pre-Bath Oil will thoroughly moisturize the deeper layers of skin soothing skin irritation. 

“Ever since discovering the pre-bath oil, I no longer need to use a body lotion. It preps my skin prior to entering the showering, protecting it from hardened water, keeping it hydrated while I shower, and when I get out, I'm completely hydrated and don't need to reapply it. It's not sticky or oily it all, it feels like the perfect protective layer of hydration that my skin loves, especially in the wintertime. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has dry winter skin and dislikes the absorption time and the texture of standard body lotions and oils.” - Aggie, DermChoice customer.

For best results, 

  • Use the glycolic cleansing pads for easy application and catalyzation of your skin’s natural renewal process. 
  • Simply swipe the Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads across your face, chest, and even your back to clear up acne, reduce fine lines, and see amazingly quick results. 
  • Stay consistent with your application to clear your pores and get that fresh skin glow.
  • Apply the Pre-Bath Oil to your full body a couple minutes before entering the shower or bath, this typically is the amount of time it takes for the water to warm up. 
  • The Pre-Bath Oil makes a great moisturizer too if you find your face or hands getting dry throughout the day.
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