Why Jojoba Oil is an essential for skin and hair

Why Jojoba Oil is essential for skin and hair:

Summer is the season for endless fun in the sun at the pool and beach, (and rightfully so!), but with that water and sun you can dry out your skin and hair. On the other hand, the winter’s lack of humidity equally dries out your skin and hair. So what is the year-round solution, you may ask? Jojoba oil.

The shrubby tree that produces the nut of Jojoba oil is natural and still grows in the regions of the Southwestern states. The super oil deeply hydrates for best beauty results. Jojoba oil is unique in that, unlike most other vegetable oils, it closely resembles the oil secreted by our skin, so it can act as a natural skin conditioner.

jojoba oil

Learn more ways this natural oil is essential for beautiful skin and hair.

  • Skin Moisturizer
  • Soaps, water, and sun can strip the skin of the outermost layer that protects it from drying out. All of these agents cause our skin to dry out faster than our bodies can reproduce the oil needed, so our skin is left dry and lifeless. Jojoba oil is easy to apply and can condition your hair and skin deeper than simply applying a lotion.

    Control Oily Skin

    It may sound counterintuitive but jojoba oil can help reduce oiliness by modulating the skin’s oil production. If the skin is well hydrated your oil glands notice and therefore do not secrete more oil.

    Acne Control

    Not only does this helpful oil deeply hydrate it has deep cleansing properties, too. The jojoba oil has antibacterial properties that help control bacterial growth in the hair follicle. It is an anti-inflammatory agent that soothes the irritated skin. Think about applying the oil before shaving to decrease “razor burn” or adding a few drops of the oil to your cleanser.

    Make-up removal

    Makeup is a hydrophobic solution. That means it doesn’t like water. To remove makeup it is best to use an oil! Put a dime size drop in your palm and gently massage it onto your face and watch your makeup come right off! Finish by rinsing makeup residue and excess oil off.

    Dry chapped lips/ dry cuticles

    The oil can form a barrier that effectively locks the moisture in and keeps lips and cuticles soft and supple. Keep this in mind when during summer/winter sports or between manicures. Before washing your hands put a dime size drop onto your palm and rub your hands together (as if you are washing your hands!). This will moisturize and protect your hands from harsh soaps causing them the skin to dry out and crack.


    Eczema is an allergic reaction of the skin to various irritants, including commonly used dyes and the chemicals contained in soaps. Common symptoms are dry, itchy, patches that are prone to infections. Jojoba oil help provide relief to people with these conditions. It will moisturize the skin to reduce itching and dryness and form a protective layer over the skin.

    We hope you find the many ways to use jojoba helpful.

    Jojoba oil is a major ingredient in the formulation of Dermatologist’s Choice Pre-Bath Oil. 

    Give it a try and comment below how you like using jojoba oil.

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