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What does glycolic acid actually do for your skin? Does glycolic help acne and anti-aging?

The first thing that needs to be known, is if it's real non-neutralized glycolic, which is used in Dermatologist's Choice skincare products and comparable to prescription Retin-A, it works great for reducing acne, fading dark spots, and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. If it is a neutralized glycolic product, like most of them are, it basically has no value for treating the skin. Non-neutralized glycolic is active. It cleans the oil and debris off the skin and out of the pores. Non-neutralized glycolic also helps combat some bacteria like prescription Retin-A does - not to be confused with retinol, which is a very weak ingredient and of little value for treating wrinkles.

Non-neutralize glycolic is very helpful for minimizing and clearing all forms of acne and anti-aging. The very worst acne may need antibiotics or Accutane to help eliminate it or control it. Similarly, deep fine lines need a high concentration of glycolic or a stronger ingredient such as TCA. If you've considered Retin-A for wrinkles, glycolic acid is the #1 over the counter competitor to Retin-A. In most cases glycolic is less irritating than Retin-A.  Speak with your dermatologist regarding prescription medications.

Non-neutralized glycolic can be a successful first step and at home solution to treating acne and anti-aging skin concerns. Used and loved by dermatologists for over 50 years, it helps control acne production, smooth fine lines, and typically shows results faster than other ingredients. In addition to acne benefits, it has wonderful anti-aging benefits, as the smallest AHA molecule, it enters the pores, leaks into the dermis where the wrinkles are present, and rejuvenates the collagen to nice strong fibers reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Non-neutralized glycolic acid can provide a fresh glow to your face when used regularly. 

Dr. B. recommends Dermatologist's Choice Skincare Facial Enhancement Cream daily mild non-neutralized glycolic acid moisturizer and Ultra Anti-Aging Cream medical-grade non-neutralized glycolic treatment cream.

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