The Best Choice for My Skin Before My Wedding

Choosing to use Dermatologist's Choice products as my skincare routine leading up to my wedding was one of the best choices I made.  The detailed instructions on each of the products made a routine easy to implement without having to think about it.  For someone with sensitive skin and a sensitivity to dyes and fragrances, it was such a relief to have product with no dyes and perfumes, leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed each time. 
My favorite product was the pre-bath oil. Having a wedding in December in the Midwest, I was nervous that I would have dry skin for my wedding day, especially because I arrived at our venue a few days before to close out a few final planning details with our planner. The pre-bath oil was a lifesaver- I used it almost every night, and even used it on my face and hair, leaving my skin completely moisturized and my hair not impacted by the dry and cold climate I was in.  
I also used the pH balanced cleanser and facial toner every day, and the glycolic peel cleansing pads once a week.   
One of my favorite things about Dermatologist's Choice products is that you can adjust the frequency of use of each of the products based on your own needs and sensitivity.  I left the glycolic peel cleansing pad formula on my face for about a minute due to my sensitive skin, then used the pH balanced cleanser to rinse my face after applying it. Time and time again, I was amazed at how within minutes I could see my skin glowing when I looked in the mirror after using the glycolic peel cleansing pads. 
On my wedding day, the MVP was the deep cleaning facial mask, which I used in between my ceremony and reception before re-applying my makeup. This ensured my skin continued to glow throughout the night, and was just what my face needed. 
Wedding planning and being a Bride is stressful as it is, so the last thing I wanted was to stress about my skin on my wedding day. I am so grateful for Dermatologist's Choice for allowing me to not have to worry about my skin looking healthy and radiant on my wedding day. I received so many compliments on the hydration levels and clarity in my skin, and felt truly beautiful as a result of these amazing products. 

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