If I use more than one Glycolic Acid (AHA) product in my daily skincare routine, will they irritate my skin?

Question of the Week: If I use more than one Glycolic Acid (AHA) product in my daily skincare routine, will they irritate my skin?


Dr. B explains what to do to soothe red skin after using glycolic acid products. 

It's absolutely possible to use more than one Glycolic Acid product in your daily or weekly skincare routine. In fact, it can even be beneficial - in most cases, using more than one product with Glycolic Acid will accelerate the good benefits of this powerful ingredient! By incorporating more than one Glycolic Acid product, the powerful effects will be stronger and penetrate deeper into the skin. This is the key to faster results.

It's true that Glycolic Acid can initially irritate your skin before your skin develops a tolerance.To avoid red, irritated skin, apply non-neutralized Glycolic in small quantities over several weeks. Consider your skin type when using non-neutralized Glycolic Acid products in your daily or weekly skincare routine. Below, we explain the best way to use multiple Glycolic Acids products to avoid redness or irritation. 

For those of you with more dry or sensitive skin, we recommend using multiple products with a lower percentage of Glycolic Acid, such as the pH Balanced Cleanser and the Facial Enhancement Cream. These two products are ideal for daily cleansing and moisturizing, and they're gentle and effective enough to use every day. If you have never used Glycolic before, these two products are a great place to start. Remember, you need an active ingredient to really see an improvement in your skin; soap and lotion alone don't activate the skin's rejuvenation process. 

For those who have oily or combination skin, you're in luck. The natural oils on your skin create a barrier that shields your skin from the full effect of the non-neutralized Glycolic Acid, which means you can use more or stronger products with less worry of causing irritation. Give our flagship and strongest product, the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream a try. Remember though, oily skin or not, you still need non-neutralized Glycolic Acid for real results. 

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  • When I lived in Peoria AZ, Dr B was my doctor and he really helped me with my skin problems. I have rosacea and I faithfully used his products. We moved to FL three years ago and my skin.got worse here with the weather. I started ordering DR B products again and my skin has improved again so much. I will continue to use his products as long as they are available. I miss you Dr B and we Hope to return to AZ within a couple years. I will be at your door step. You are a very good doctor and I’m thankful I have you.
    Sincerely, Lorraine D.

    Lorraine Dougherty
  • Love the advise in your emails. Thank you.

    Hazel D Raphael

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