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One product, many uses: Ultra Anti-Aging cream

Is your skin breaking out or looking dull while you're busy celebrating the Holiday season?

It's a bit frustrating and stressful, especially when you're in a last minute panic to remove the planet-sized pimple off your face or show some glimmer of glowing skin, all while you're doing your best to have a merry and mindful Holiday.

That's when you open up your jar of the Ultra Anti-Aging cream right in your own home! Basically, it's your superhero solution to the rescue - cue the epic superhero music and Dr. B flying to the rescue in a cape coming to save your skin.

But all silliness aside, this product really is packed with powerful non-neutralized glycolic so blemishes and dull looking skin don't have a chance to ruin your holiday plans.

Plus, did you know that even though the Ultra Anti-Aging says "aging" on the jar it has so many more helpful ways to improve your skin all over your body!

Listen below to Dr. B as he shares a few of the different ways you can use the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream.

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