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Men's Skincare: Why you need to use Dermatologist's Choice

Until about a year ago, I was just like most guys when it comes to skincare - the extent of my skincare was a bar of soap and/or whatever soap comes out of the dispenser in the gym locker room shower. This was working fine, but I definitely began to notice I looked older in pictures. Nothing crazy, but it was clear that it's been a few years since I graduated college. Despite this, I was reluctant to try the Dermatologist's Choice product lineup because I'd been using something else my entire life. After giving their products - specifically, the Facial Enhancement Cream and Ultra Anti-Aging Cream - a go for a few months though, I knew it was the right choice to make the change and start taking more care of my skin.

I wasn't looking for "glowing" or "radiant" skin... I was just trying to look like the guy in my college graduation picture. And let me tell you - this stuff works. Those crows feet I started to see in the corners of my eyes? Gone. The smile lines on my forehead? Also gone.
I can't recommend these products enough. Once you've also given them a try, you'll know what I mean and will be just as happy with that guy looking back at you in the mirror.
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