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Meet the DermChoice Team : Dr. B, Founder

Meet the man behind the products.

dr bottiglione

It's no secret that Dr. B is a pioneer in the dermatology field. His next-level care and new standard for skincare sets him apart from the rest. 

Dr. B's love for dermatology began with a chance encounter with a stranger at his neighborhood bar in McIntyre, PA. He struck up a conversation with this man, who turned out to be a successful dermatologist. Already interested in the field of medicine, Dr. B started down the road of dermatology. 40 years later, Dr. B continues to find joy helping his patients achieve real skin care solutions each and every day.

To help those who are newer to the DermChoice family, we caught up with him between the office and the golf course for a quick Q and A.

Q. Dr. B., if you weren't a Dermatologist, what would be your dream career? 

A. Well, I think I would be a professional golfer. Only took me 30 years, but I finally think I figured out my swing.

Q. You grew up in western PA, did your residency in Chicago, and have now lived in Scottsdale, AZ for close to 45 years now. What brought you all the way out west and why have you stayed for so long?

A. Short answer, I hate the cold and don't want to shovel snow. After growing up in PA and living in Chicago for many years, I said, "forget this," and moved south where I can play golf 365 days a year. 

Q. As a father of three, I'm sure you don't play favorites with your family. But would you say you have a favorite Dermatologist's Choice skincare product? 

A. Well, you're right that I don't have a favorite child, but my favorite DermChoice product is the Ultra Anti-Aging Cream. This is our strongest all-around product. It does everything from getting rid of wrinkles to giving your face a glow. Everyone wants to look good - this product will do just that.

New to discovering DermChoice? Learn our history from the beginning. Catch up here.

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