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Dermatologist's Choice is a Lifesaver for Moms

Attention, Moms! 
Dermatologist's Choice is beneficial for all skin types, but we'd like to share with you why Dermatologist's Choice is the best choice for moms. Anna Rocker, Atlanta-based mom and Derm Choice fanatic, shares her real Dermatologist's Choice story.
'The Dermatologist's Choice skincare regimen has been an absolute lifesaver for me as a mom!  I was introduced to Dermatologist's Choice a year and a half ago and will never use another product on my skin moving forward! 
I have two boys, ages two and six, and my skin was a MESS after my second son was born.  I developed some auto-immune health problems during my pregnancy which meant that my hormones were all over the place.  Imbalanced hormones + the stress of a newborn baby = horrible, painful acne! 
There is never a convenient time to have acne flareups, but postpartum is undoubtedly the worst time to experience it.  I have never been more insecure in my own skin than during the postpartum period.  My body looked and felt different, my clothes didn't fit, and I rarely had the time to make myself look presentable.  The LAST thing I needed to add to the list was a face full of acne!  I began to avoid looking in the mirror, but that quickly changed when I was introduced to Dermatologist's Choice! 
I began using the PH Balanced Cleanser and the Sunscreen Enhanced Moisturizer in the mornings and ordered the Deep Cleansing Facial Mask, Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads, and Ultra Anti-Aging Cream for my nighttime routine.  My dry skin and acne drastically improved after only a few days of using these products and it had completely disappeared in about two weeks! 
After experiencing my own results, I was thrilled to learn that the Pre-Bath Oil is safe for babies/sensitive skin.  My little guy began getting some eczema and dry skin and I didn't know how to treat it because my oldest son never experienced this. I was confident that since these products worked for me, they would work for him too - and lo and behold, they did! 
I lathered the oil all over his body and pink eczema spots five minutes before bath time and saw results by morning after the first use.  I kept using the oil on him daily until there were no traces of dry, rough spots left.  My husband and I were both relieved to find this product.  When you are a parent, you want nothing more than for everyone else to get the same happy feeling that you do when looking at your adorable baby.  The last thing you want people to notice is their dry skin and puffy red eyes!  (The Pre-Bath Oil + the Hand & Body lotion even lightened some of my pregnancy stretch marks.  Is this oil a win-win or what?!)  Every single Mama and Mama-to-be should know about the Pre-Bath Oil!  
My favorite thing about Derm Choice is that I found a way to bring the spa to me! (at a much cheaper price!)  As a busy mom, I don't have the time or money to spend on visits to the spa.  I really hope that moms everywhere order some at-home spa time through the products that Dermatologist's Choice has to offer.  You deserve it!'     
- Anna Rocker; Atlanta, GA
What's your skin story?
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