Facial Mask Application Brush

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NEW!  This easy-to-clean, multi-purpose silicone applicator with plastic handle can be used for applying liquid makeup, lotions, creams, or facial masks. This brush makes applying our Deep Cleansing Facial mask simple and fun with No Mess. Additionally, it minimizes the transfer of bacteria from your hands while evenly applying lotions, creams, and masks to your face. It cleans quickly and easily with soap and water. Store in plastic sleeve or brush holder. This brush is a beauty essential and will enhance the benefits of Dermatologist's Choice Skincare To Use:  1. Remove clean brush from plastic sleeve or brush holder.  2. Open our Deep Cleansing Facial Mask and scoop the mask with the brush.  3. Apply mask to the face by brushing mask onto clean skin and brushing until mask is even in thickness and covers the desired space of skin.  4. When finished, clean the brush with water and soap and store in plastic sleeve or brush holder.