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Your best skin in 2020

Welcome to 2020! Most of us find ourselves making resolutions or goals when the new year rolls around. Others roll their eyes knowing the resolutions made will likely not last past March. Well, we have faith in you and if it takes a new year to press that reset button then do it!

We make resolutions for many areas of our life like health, fitness, work, family, money, and more but today I'd like to share some helpful tips to help get your skin routine on the right track in 2020. Stick with me here, it's easy.

First, look at your skin, really look. What do you see? Some may see a breakout, others may see some new fine lines. You may be lucky and see a nice glow. Whatever it is, it's OK. By taking a closer look at your skin you can better identify what your skin needs actually are and find a better solution.

Second, feel your skin. At first touch does it feel flaky or dry? How about oily or bumpy? I'll let you in on a little secret, each day is different and that means your skin can feel different each day too. By understanding your skin's needs you can get more benefits out of your skincare.

Finally, identify the best product or ingredient to resolve your skin concern. This is where it can be tricky so we recommend finding a line that is minimal, simple, and straightforward. Plus, it is important you know what you are getting. No all products are made equal. So check the ingredient deck and test the product to know if it will work for your skin. A rule of thumb we like mentioning is that you need an active ingredient in your skincare so you know it actually does something. Most products are just soap or lotion. For example, glycolic acid is an active ingredient and has been dermatologist tested for decades.

Have more questions on how to get the best skin in 2020? Reach out to our friendly team for a skin assessment. Comment or email us. We are happy to help.

Cheers to 2020!

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