The Game-Changing Ingredient That’s Missing From Your Daily Moisturizer, according to Vogue

’Tis the season for dermaplaning, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion,anything to clear the deck of dead skin cells caused by sun exposure. “We’re constantly building up dead skin,” explains New York City–based dermatologist Francesca Fusco, M.D., “which leads to premature aging, brown spots, and dull complexions.” And while the idea of a year-round routine exfoliation in order to achieve and maintain healthy and younger looking skin is nothing new, it may be time to rethink traditional chemical treatments, so you can enjoy the final month of truly sunny days ahead.

Fortunately, creams packed with glycolic acid are able to regenerate collagen, thicken skin and even tone while slightly less invasive AHA-formulated solutions are also efficient in removing unwanted buildup. And even though these dermatologist-approved moisturizers don’t visibly peel the dead skin off your face, “they still reveal brighter skin beneath,” says Fusco, without irritation.

Fusco recommends applying at night after cleansing skin for optimum absorption. “Our skin regenerates and heals while we sleep,” she explains, giving it time to press the reset button. Plus, there’s no immediate sun or air pollution exposure, which can attribute to further pigmentation and fine lines. While using these mild daily exfoliates, however SPF is still mandatory. “Look for a broad-spectrum formula." she says, "and don’t forget the neck and chest!” These areas, just like the face, deserve some attention, too. 

Consider these great options to add to your fall skincare routine and start to see the benefits of glycolic.

-Ultra Anti-Aging Cream

-Sunscreen Enhanced Moisturizer SPF30

-pH Balanced Cleanser

Let us know below how you are incorporating glycolic in your fall skincare routine.


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