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How Much Time Should You Spend In The Sun To Get Vitamin D (And Avoid Skin Cancer)

Posted by Richard Bottiglione on

Extract the maximum from the summer without feeling the burn.

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Dr. B answers your questions about scars

Posted by Dermatologist's Choice Skin Care on

1) What determines whether a cut will turn into a scar?  The depth of the cut (how deep the cut) will determine whether a cut will turn into a scar. Anytime you get a cut 100% of the time it will scar, but if it isn't very deep then it's less noticeable or not noticeable at all. Other important variables that contribute to whether a cut will turn into a scar is how well the cut is stitched/sewn together and the skin's tension as it relates to the width of the cut. The wider the cut the greater the chances of...

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