SPF (Sunscreen) Tips

Sun-protection strategies can be intel to more than smooth, unspotted skin- it’s information that could potentially save your life. By talking more about sun care we can not only be more mindful about protecting our self but also share helpful tips with our friends and family.

We have listed several helpful tips to understand the most effective ways to use sunscreen for better results.

  1. Layer up. If you tend to get dark spot easily or just want to ensure the most coverage then layer up your sunscreen. After cleansing and toning, apply sunscreen and even double up with a moisturizer or foundation with added SPF.
  2. Make sunscreen look less pasty. To prevent mineral based sunscreen from leaving behind ashy film, don’t rub them on in a circular motion. That can cause the tiny protective particles to build up in certain spots. Use a straight, single direction movement, like from your nose to your ear. Don’t try to put it on all at one. Apply a thin layer and let it sink in before adding more.
  3. Don’t forget to apply on your scalp or hair line. Regardless of how thick or your hair is, your scalp is still accessible to the sun's harmful rays. Rub in sunscreen so it reaches the root of the hair and scalp. The sunscreen also acts as a conditioner and protects the hair from drying out from sun exposure.
  4. Take a super long lunch. Try to go inside between noon and 3pm. This is typically when UV rays are at their prime and strongest, which puts you at higher risk to sun damage. If you are on vacation or work outdoors do your best to be in the sun in the morning and late afternoon and stay indoors during lunch.
  5. Make application more invigorating. Put sunscreen over ice. Keep it in a cooler or the fridge so the active ingredients don’t degrade in the hot sun. Plus the chilled cream or mist feels so cool and refreshing that you’ll want to apply it every hour. Not only is this a good idea when you are at the beach but applying chilled sunscreen in the morning before going to work can awaken your skin and decrease puffiness.
  6. Plan ahead. Apply your sunscreen when you’re naked. This way you won’t miss a spot that’s covered by your clothing or swimsuit, and you won’t get tan lines.Win!

If you found this helpful and would like more tips, leave us a comment below. In the meantime check out our popular Sunscreen Enhanced Moisturizer here.  It’s SPF 30 plus, dermatologist founded, formulated, and tested for the best results.

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