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Why do I feel my skin stinging or tingling when I apply non-neutralized Glycolic?

non-neutralized glycolic

Question of the Week: Why do I feel my skin is stinging or tingling when I apply non-neutralized glycolic? Is it safe? 

First, it's normal and completely safe - it will not damage or hurt your skin. Here at Dermatologist's Choice we call that stinging or tingling sensation the Trustworthy Tingle. 

The Trustworthy Tingle refers to the sensation some people first experience after applying non-neutralized Glycolic Acid products. This potent ingredient may cause this feeling due to the active compound working to generate cell turnover. Trust us, while it may feel unusual and maybe even a bit uncomfortable at first, this natural response is totally normal and safe. After a few tries, you may even grow to love it! 

When we say it "generates cell turnover", what we mean is the non-neutralized glycolic acid is working! The tingle is a key indicator that the non-neutralized glycolic is active by penetrating into your pores and rejuvenating the skin. 

If you're new to non-neutralized Glycolic, you'll likely feel the Trustworthy Tingle more than someone who has used non-neutralized Glycolic for months or years. If you're new and feeling the tingle, your skin can appear dry or red after using non-neutralized Glycolic; don't worry, just apply some lotion to soothe your skin. This is definitely not a reason to quit using the product though, as continued use of non-neutralized Glycolic builds the skin's tolerance. You may not feel as strong of a tingle, but rest assured the Glycolic Acid will still be working just as hard for you.

Just remember, don't be afraid of a little discomfort at first - that glowing, radiant skin is only a few uses away!

The good news is that when your skin does eventually build that tolerance and you continue to use non-neutralized glycolic acid, you can count on glowing skin.

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