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Peel into Spring | Spring Skincare is Blooming

As the first blooms of the spring season peek out of the cold ground, we're taking a minute to give you some fresh "skinspiration" for the months ahead. 

The beginning of spring is an optimal time to assess your skin and discover what it needs. Here are a few questions to ask: is my skin too dry, does it need a boost, is it lacking that healthy glow? Coming off the heals of a cold, dry winter our skin is typically thirsty for hydration and in need of a boost of glycolic acid to shed off the dry layers of skin that have accumulated on the surface. The Dermatologist's Choice Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads make it easy to peel those winter layers off and allow a fresh layer of skin to bloom to the surface. We are peeling the layers back and fully welcoming a fresh face this spring. Hello glow!

We're peeling more than just skin at the start of spring. What can you peel off this spring? What we mean is how can we find new layers of beauty in the fresh start of the new season? How can we let go of the extra layers from the winter season and illuminate the glow beneath? How can we make the next few month easier and more enjoyable than the last? Here is what's inspiring us and we hope you find it encouraging too. Check out the Dermatologist's Choice Pinterest  for more skin tips and helpful spring inspiration!

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What inspires you about the spring season?

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