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Are over-the-counter Glycolic Acid products worth the money?

While it’s easy to find glycolic acid in over-the-counter the products, in many cases the concentration of glycolic acid is too low to get the kind of results you are looking for. Face washes may have 8% to 10%, creams may have up to 15%. An at-home peel, for safety reasons, shouldn’t be more than 30% glycolic acid, while a dermatologist can offer peels with strengths up to 70%.

Most over-the-counter products, that name glycolic in their ingredient list, are very mild and neutralized which doesn't yield the results and benefits of glycolic acid. For best results use a glycolic product that is non-neutralized  and formulated at medical-strength like Dermatologist's Choice. Talk to your dermatologist about how the benefits of glycolic acid can be maximized for you.

Try these products to start experiencing the benefits and results of glycolic acid.

Facial Enhancement Cream, $48

Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads, $48

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